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Stop Motion, Hand-Drawn, Etc

"To the Moon and Back" Music Video

Commissioned by independent folk musician Keegan McInroe as a heartfelt gift to his mother, this mixed media short includes hand-drawn animation, watercolor paintings, linocut textures, paper cutout stop motion, lighting effects, and extensive digital compositing.

"Plastic Generation" Music Video

Mixed media animated music video, in collaboration with AnyaBoz

"I'll Go" Music Video

Mixed media animated music video for Cody Lynn Boyd's single "I'll Go"

Chinese Proverb

Short stop motion of collaged paper memorabilia

Vader Doesn't Have Any Elbows

Stop motion sample for Tongal Star Wars series pitch

Monkey Eye

Experimental 2D music video


Stop motion and live action short, made in 48 hours

Wood Colored Foxes

Mixed media animated short with hand-drawn, stop motion, and strata-cut

Travel Learn Create

Stop motion paper cut-out advertisement



Stop motion paper cut-out short

Feast in a Fallen City

Stop motion fox animator for short by Aron Bothman

Caterpillar Party

Experimental short comprised of different animation techniques

More films on Vimeo:

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